Beyond Whitening Accelerator (NEW)

Beyond Accelerator

Beyond Accelerator

Beyond Accelerator

The Polus® Advanced Whitening Accelerator is a next-generation upgrade to the award winning Polus® series of whitening accelerators.  The hallmark feature remains a combination halogen/LED light source (LightBridge™) with over 200,000 fiber optics set in place to clean and bring the full power of the  light source to the front of the accelerator head for maximum acceleration of the gel. A new ultrasound feature helps make stains easier to target with the gel and light acceleration. The high-end features continue with passive air ionizer, intuitive color TUI panel and audible call button that can give periodic updates on the remaining time for treatment.


Beyond Accelerator
The BEYOND® II Whitening Accelerator is a reinvented version of the best-selling Beyond Power Whitening system, allowing the whitening process to become more simple and affordable. The innovation is three fold: an augmented high-intensity LED light output for premium teeth whitening, passive air ionizer and secondary attachment that provides two-person simultaneous whitening capability. The unit is also smaller and more mobile compared with previous versions. Now available in white, silver and blue.




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