Expodental Meeting – Rimini Italy 2021

Expodental Meeting 2021 Rimini Italy Dental Event

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Expodental Meeting: the event from 20 to 22 May 2021 in Rimini Italy


“Following one of the darkest periods in the history of recent years, at the end of lockdown which paralysed every activity and caused us to postpone our event, for everyone’s well-being and safety first to September and then November, we were convinced that Expodental Meeting 2020 could have represented, even if in a revised form, a crucial moment for the entire industry to relaunch”, the organisers stated.

“Today, in the light of recent circumstances, a succession of government decrees, the current media campaign we must acknowledge that our event cannot take place”, President of UNIDI Gianfranco Berrutti declared. The decision comes from the impossibility of Expodental to guarantee the best event possible in respect of the exhibitors, the visitors, and the sector players.


Expodental Meeting 2021 Rimini Italy Dental Event


There are different elements to consider. First, the latest increase in the number of infected people which imposes the strict respect of social distancing measures and border controls. Furthermore, it is currently necessary to take into consideration the renewed sentiment of uncertainty gripping everyone to various extents, a situation which also calls for strict travelling rules for staff and collaborators.


Expodental Meeting 2021 Rimini Italy Dental Event


Today, the situation globally is too unstable to plan events in the short term since strict measures to safeguard everyone’s health could suddenly be implemented.

These considerations, obviously, echo the serious economic crisis that has forced all companies and professionals, both from the dental industry and all other sectors, to adjust and set up new budgets for different and cautious objectives. 

Work is underway for the next edition of Expodental Meeting 2021. The event is pushed back a few months and will take place from 20 to 22 May 2021 in Rimini Italy. It will feature a new exhibit area and a scientific and cultural programme even more packed with events to mark the Year Zero for our future.


For registration and more information about Expodental Meeting 2021: www.expodental.it





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