BEYOND II Whitening Accelerator


BEYOND II Whitening Accelerator


The BEYOND II Whitening Accelerator is a reinvented version of our BEYOND® Power Whitening Accelerator System, allowing teeth whitening to be even more simple and affordable. This innovation, containing a high intensity LED light output, will assist in providing superior teeth whitening results in a shorter treatment time. With the BEYOND® II, a high-intensity LED light is used to deliver a tailored beam of light between 480 and 520 nanometers in wavelength needed to activate BEYOND® whitening gels and provide up to 6-8 shade improvements with NO sensitivity. With its chic and modern look, the BEYOND® II also offers additional features including adjustable light intensity that allows for three different settings (low, medium, high) according to the teeth condition of the patient. Other unique features include a simultaneous option that allows for the effective teeth whitening treatment of two patients at the same time, a digital display control board, and a suitably designed retractor that in conjunction with the LED light, allows for a perfect light focus with every procedure. Additionally, The BEYOND II Whitening Accelerator also includes a built-in purifier that will provide a cleaner environment within the dental practice.

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