Compressor Quattro P 20 from Durr


Compressor Quattro P 20 from Durr

Compressor Quattro P 20 from Durr

Quattro P 20 for up to 20 operators with membrane-drying unit. Thanks to the standard network connection the P 20 can be easily integrated into the digital monitoring and control functions of the surgery supply system using the Tyscor Pulse software. High air delivery for large practices and dental labs. Redundant system for a maximum of reliability for up to 20 operators. With a 90 liter tank and 4 Aggregates.

. Compressor with air-delivery of 860 l/min
. Footprint of only 0.6 square meter
. High failure safety through redundant aggregates
. Compressor aggregates can be exchanged during operation

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