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G-Premio BOND Essentia GC

G-Premio BOND dispensing

Essentia is a new concept from GC featuring:

Essentia breaks free from the conventions with a unique shade system

o   New shade concept, bold & straightforward: seven shades to solve all clinical cases!

o   Intuitive system which will simplify the daily work of clinicians.

o   Reduced inventory: only seven syringes; all shades will be of use


Essentia simplifies shade selection with six main restorative options

o   Anterior: 4 options based on the patient’s age: Bleach/Junior, Young, Adult & Senior

o   Posterior: easy duo-layering technique, or a simple mono-shade using the Universal


Essentia features optimal handling & optical properties in all situations 

o   Dentins are made soft for an easy sculpting, and display an excellent shade adaptation

o   Enamels are slightly more compact, and guarantee an excellent gloss

o   The Universal shade is packable for an easy application in the posterior area

o   The Masking Liner is injectable and very opaque: perfect for deep discoloured cavities


As the bond is equally important, G-Premio Bond offers the ease of use & versatility without any impact on the quality of the bond. G-Premio BOND offers the advantages of a universal but with a top performance in all situations.

G-Premio BOND: a one-bottle universal bonding compatible with all etching modes and which can be used not only for direct bonding, but also for repair cases & hypersensitivity treatment.

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G-Premio BOND offers unique features which help the dentists to strive for…

ZERO debondings
With an excellent bond strength to both enamel and dentin regardless of the etching mode and an excellent stability, G-Premio BOND ensures a durable bond in time thanks to a combination of three functional monomers.

ZERO discolorations
With a perfect penetration and wettability and an efficient drying procedure, G-Premio BOND displays an extremely thin film thickness of 3µm to guarantee durable aesthetics.

ZERO post-op sensitivity
With a mild effect on dentin tubules in self-etch and a full infiltration by the bonding agent in total-etch, thanks to an optimal wettability.

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