New piezosurgery® inserts for sinus lift by lateral approach

piezosurgery inserts

After 15 years, Mectron re-defines the sinus lift technique by lateral approach launching on the market 5 new PIEZOSURGERY® inserts developed in collaboration with Professor Tomaso Vercellotti, Italy. Thanks to the new inserts shapes, the revisited protocol makes the technique even safer, minimizing the risk of membrane perforation.

• The new SLC insert allows to perform the osteoplasty of the sinus vestibular wall with maximum safety and unparalleled intra-operative control;
• The new high-efficiency SLO-H insert permits to execute the osteotomy procedures with the maximum safety
• The new thin SLS membrane separator is more efficient in comparison with the old generation “elephant paw shape”.
• The new elevators SLE1 and SLE2, the first one to start the sinus membrane elevation from the sinus floor and the second one to finalize the sinus membrane elevation from the palatal wall, are featured by a sharp terminal part allowing to cut Sharpey’s fibers from the endosteum with the maximum safety, protecting it thanks to the convexity of the tips.

The precision and the maximum evidence-based safety guaranteed by these piezoelectric inserts make this kit a wonderful addition to the surgical armamentarium for to both novice and expert surgeons.
The inserts will be available separately as well as in a Kit with all five inserts dedicated to sinus lift by lateral approach.


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