Essentia from GC: Open the door to simplification

Essentia from GC

DENTAL NEWS, Volume XXIV, Number II, 2017

Essentia from GC: Open the door to simplification

Aesthetics brought back to the essentials

Thanks to its innovative shade concept, the Essentia composite system achieves top-notch results with only those seven shades. Developed over four years together with GC Europe’s Restorative Advisory Board, the product and its new approach to layering has now been proven over two years in clinical practice. The natural aging process of human teeth is the foundation for this innovative shade system: while younger teeth are whiter and more opaque, older teeth are more translucent and chromatic. This is where Essentia comes in with its unique combination of three dentin and two enamel shades. Depending on the combination chosen, young, adult or senior teeth can be easily replicated. Four modifiers ensure that even special cases are covered.

Essentia offers a mono-shade solution for posterior restorations with its Universal Shade, to achieve aesthetic results in a simple way. The addition of GC Essentia HiFlo and GC Essentia LoFlo to this pioneering system creates a complete, easy solution for the posterior region, for with these two new products Essentia now offers three strong options for all posterior restorations.

As all viscosities have excellent physical properties and are indicated for all cavity classes, the clinician can choose his preferred consistency based purely on the requirements of each particular case. The highly flowable Essentia HiFlo shows an impressive radiopacity and is easily applied in narrow cavities and undercuts. Essentia LoFlo is characterised by its injectable viscosity and thixotropic properties, which make it a perfect choice for cervical lesions. The Universal Shade of Essentia has a packable, non-sticky consistency that will, for instance, be optimal for building proximal walls. All three products feature high strength and wear resistance, guaranteeing long-lasting results, even for occlusal fillings.

The Essentia Universal Shade also has an outstanding blending effect, which ensures flawless integration with natural tooth tissues. Because they have the same shade, the different viscosities can also be combined easily within one clinical case – for instance Essentia HiFlo as a liner for an optimal adaptation, followed by a full restoration with Essentia Universal paste.

Essentia from GC is the perfect proof that outstanding aesthetics can be combined with brilliant simplicity.

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