Sparkling Homes and Teeth: Preventing Infections Through Hygiene

Sparkling Homes and Teeth: Preventing Infections Through Hygiene and Cleanliness

Sparkling Homes and Teeth: Preventing Infections Through Hygiene and Cleanliness

By Lucy Wyndham


The US Department of Health & Human Services stresses that environmental cleaning is a fundamental principle in the prevention of infection in healthcare settings. General standards of hygiene are also applicable to the home care setting in the prevention of diseases and to promote general & oral health. Cleaning prevents the growth of bacteria and the spread of viruses that make residents sick. Your home environment can pose a hazard to your physical and mental health. An atmosphere that is laden with bacteria and harmful toxins can find their way into your skin and mouth which will affect your dental health. Keeping home environments tidy and clean prevent infections and diseases that could impact oral and general health.

Basic Home Cleaning Strategies to Keep Oral Health Optimum

Throughout the day, you touch many things in the house from food to non-food objects. When a surface is not well cleaned, it accumulates dust and particles that might become sources of infection. Ultimately, these pathogens find their way into your mouth whether you eat something or deliberately poke inside to get something out. If you have kids in the house, then they are very susceptible to putting things in their mouth whether biting toys or testing unusual objects. Stuff that stays on dirty floors and those in contact with humidity including saliva can produce bacteria. If it ends in the mouth, it can cause injuries, dental problems, and infections. Therefore, it is essential to keep the house clean and tidy.  Scrubbing and washing surfaces with anti-bacterial products get rid of germs that may linger in places especially kitchen top counters and bathrooms. Of equal importance is to find cleaning products that are not harmful to the environment and users. Consider green products that do the job of disinfection without the toxic effects that can make you feel ill.

Dental Health and the Home Environment 

Oral diseases are very common yet receive little attention. About 60-90% of children worldwide have and around 30% of mature adults 65-74 years have lost their natural teeth according to the FDI World Dental Federation Report. Diseases of the mouth affect productivity and quality of life. More could be done to improve dental health and the overall well-being of people. Genetics, availability of care, personal behavior & lifestyles as well as your environment affect your oral and general health. Access to care is important and the ability to pay for health costs including preventive dental checkups and treatments are vital to wellbeing.

Your mouth gives a glimpse of your general health. It is one of the gateways to your body. By living in a clean environment, you are creating barriers that prevent germs, bacteria and other pathogens from invading your mouth, skin, and body. Oral diseases are also linked to other health problems that may be aggravated when exposed to undesirable particles in the atmosphere.

Good oral hygiene and health begin at home. Through the promotion of dirt-free environments, you limit the incidence of mouth diseases as well as other health issues. It should not be forgotten that preventive measures for dental and general health are part as well of the strategies for wellbeing. Brushing of teeth, use of fluoride toothpaste and eating a low-sugar/healthy diet, they all stimulate good oral health.

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