What Does Your Teeth Affect On Photo Day?

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How Your Teeth Affect More Than Just Your Smile On Photo Day

By Lucy Wyndham


Despite the marvels of modern technology, tooth decay is still a prevalent disease on a global scale. Around 64 million Americans have a serious gum condition called periodontitis which is known to lead to other health issues. This equates to around half of the population over the age of 30. While gum disease has been linked to serious conditions, these aren’t always obvious right away as internal examinations are often required. Sometimes, however, these conditions are serious enough to manifest on the outside.

Check Your Hair And Nails

One of the most surprising areas affected by a tooth disease is the nailbed, particularly those of the toes. Tooth and Nail Syndrome have an ectodermal dysplasia which is often seen in the teeth, nails, hair, and/or skin. Signs to look out for are problems with the scalp or hair and a lack of growth in especially the toenails. The biggest indicator, however, lies in the teeth. Some teeth may be missing which is a condition referred to as hypodontia, or the teeth are seriously malformed.

Another Cause Of Acne

Those who struggle with problematic skin often flock to dermatologists who will provide them with a unique blend of skin balms and medication to help with their condition. Around 85% of people between the ages of 12 and 24 experience some form of acne, which ranges in its severity. There is a tiny pocket of people, however, who may need a deeper look at the cause of their acne as gingivitis might just be the cause. Those who follow a good skin regime and employ healthy dental habits should experience a remarkable change in their skin condition.

Inexplicable Skin Rashes

While this may seem like unfamiliar territory for gum diseases, an acute rash could indicate an underlying gum problem. For Olive Braman, years of treatment for her skin rashes resulted in bouts of steroids to relieve the symptoms. It wasn’t until she met with a dentist out of town that they discovered acute gum disease which could have been potentially dangerous. Signs to look out for when suspecting gum disease include bad breath, chipped teeth, redness and swelling of the gums, pain, and rashes.

Dental health is critical in ensuring good overall health and wellbeing. The symptoms are often easily identifiable as the hair, nails, and skin tell us everything we need to know long before we look inside the mouth.


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