BEYOND Polus Advanced Ultra Whitening Accelerator

Beyond Polus

BEYOND Polus Advanced Ultra

Whitening Accelerator


BEYOND Polus Combines halogen light, LED and patent-pending ultrasonic technologies for a premium whitening experience. 

Each Polus features the LightBridge™, an innovation designed to optimize the full whitening capabilities of halogen power while eliminating the need to block out pink tissue. The LightBridge™ consists of 30 specially coated dual lens that block all UV and harmful heat, coupled with over 200,000 optical fibers that deliver the full halogen output following both arches of the patient. 

12 LED lights merge with the halogen for both deep bleaching as well as soft surface whitening. Finally, ultrasonic technology helps in acelerated diffusion of hydrogen peroxide through dental enamel, further augmenting results for a shorter treatment time and higher ROI for the dental practice.

  Curing light with single-tooth whitening option included

  Built-in photo instructions, showing specific clinical cases and suggested protocols for treatment

  Remote control with call button, time check for patient and audio introductory and post-treatment function

  Air ionizer for a cleaner and healthier environment

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