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Ultradent Gemini Diode Laser

Diode Laser Gemini by Ultradent

One of a Kind

The Gemini 810 + 980 diode laser is truly one of a kind. It is dentistry’s first dual-wavelength soft tissue diode laser, as well as the most powerful soft tissue laser available to dentists, which is usable with both wavelengths simultaneously. It combines the optimal melanin absorption of an 810 nanometer wavelength laser with the optimal water absorption of a 980 nanometer wavelength laser. The electroluminescent display and sleek illuminated handpiece—which also features the convenience of pre-initiated tips—further set this powerful unit apart as the next generation of soft tissue diode lasers.

No matter the procedure, the innovative Gemini laser makes it faster, smoother, and more efficient.


20 Watts of Peak Power

20 watts of peak super-pulsed power means faster, smoother cutting.


Diode Laser Gemini Ultradent peak power

Stunning Display

Sleek, innovative design features a stunning transparent electroluminescent display.

Simple user interface and 19 preset procedures enhance ease of use.

Diode Laser Gemini Ultradent display


Dual Wavelengths

Dual wavelength technology combines the optimal melanin absorption of the 810 nm wavelength and the optimal water absorption of the 980 nm wavelength.

Diode Laser Gemini Ultradent dual lenghtwaves


Faster, Smoother Cutting at an Affordable Price Point

“For years I’ve hoped to find a laser that’s not only affordable but also remarkably effective at cutting soft tissues. CO2 lasers are very efficient at cutting soft tissue, but are too cost prohibitive for the average general dentist. The more affordable diode laser options are ​slow and sluggish, with a lot of tissue tagging. They lacked the ability and power to efficiently ablate tissue without causing excess collateral damage.

With the Gemini 810 + 980 diode laser, I found what I was looking for. Ultradent can finally offer a diode laser that mixes super-pulsed technology with high peak power to deliver faster, smoother cutting at an affordable price point.”

–Dr. Dan Fischer, Ultradent CEO and President


For more information about this product: ultradent.com


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