Intraoral scanners still on the rise in IDS 2019

IDS 2019 3D Intraoral scanners

If prosthetic treatment is necessary, today the dentist can fall back on extensive digital tools to support the diagnosis and treatment planning. Here, the significance of intraoral scanners is particularly increasing and they are even more accurate than ever before. The dental surfaces are recorded directly in the required resolution. The scanners take very little time to do so, offer a high definition also in the depth and thus provide a significantly increased detail accuracy of the 3D model.

The intraoral scan delivers a decisive prerequisite for downstream steps of the digital workflow. An imaging process that will no doubt be additionally used more frequently in future, is the cone beam computer tomography.

Primescan from Dentsply Sirona

Easier than ever, faster than before, more accurate than previously possible – all describe Primescan, the new intraoral scanner from Dentsply Sirona

What was considered an absolute sensation more than 30 years ago is almost taken for granted today. In terms of quality, digital intraoral impressions are in no way inferior to conventional methods, and therefore, are becoming a reliable alternative for taking impressions of both individual teeth and the entire jaw for more and more dentists. Dentsply Sirona introduced the digital impression to dentistry with CEREC. Now, with Primescan, the Company is introducing an intraoral scanner with outstanding technology, which enables scans that are more precise than anything we have known before. This has been substantiated by a new study at the University of Zurich.

Primescan 3D Intraoral scanners

Scans up to 20 millimeters in depth

Primescan’s optical impression system has been decisively developed. The scan of the surfaces of the teeth is done with high-resolution sensors, capturing up to one million 3D data points per second. With optical high-frequency contrast analysis, they can now be calculated more accurately than ever before. With Primescan, it also is possible to scan deeper areas (up to 20 mm). This enables digital impressions even for subgingival or particularly deep preparations. Virtually all the tooth surfaces are captured, even when scanning from very shallow angles. Primescan captures the dental surfaces immediately, in the required resolution and with a high sharpness even at great depths, thereby ensuring a much more detailed 3D model.


3Shape TRIOS 4

Whether you are new to digital dentistry and looking for a scan-only solution, or fully digital already and up for the next step, the TRIOS family of intraoral scanners lets you do more – from wireless scanning to caries detection aid. With TRIOS 4, you can go all-in and explore preventative care possibilities in addition to all our established technology.

TRIOS 4 helps bring your dentistry Beyond Treatment by enabling preventive care with caries diagnostics aid and monitoring tools. Comes with smart tips that heat faster to ensure that you are scan ready in seconds, and enable 30% more battery life.

Trios 4 3D intraoal scanners


  • Superior scanning technology 
  • An unrivalled open system
  • Patient excitement apps
  • In-house design and production
  • Caries diagnostic aid and monitoring tools 
  • Enabling preventative care


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