Lebanese Dental Lab wins International Charity Auction

Auction for Cleft Children Zirconnet AmannGirrbach

The famous German Corporation Amann Girrbach Posted last Friday on their Social media platforms:

“WE HAVE A WINNER! Zirconnet Dental Laboratory is the proud owner of the very first Ceramill Matik for the auction price of EUR 72.000,- Congratulations to the whole team! Amann Girrbach and the Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe e.V. cordially thank you for this high bid! A lot of projects and surgeries can be supported with this amount of money! 
We would also like to genuinely thank all the bidders for taking part in the auction! It was great and really exciting the last final hour!”

First Ceramill Matik in the market

It is official, the charity auction for the Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe (German Aid for Children with a Cleft Lip and Palate) by Amann Girrbach ,offering the Ceramill Matik was successfuly concluded.

The final auction price of EUR 72.000, exceeded the listing price and was donated entirely. After a very exciting final of the online auction, the winner is Zirconnet Dental Laboratory in Lebanon, as the new owners of the first Ceramill Matik in the market.

Amann Girrbach and Zirconnet Celebrating the Win

As official media partner during the SCE’19 Congress & Exhibition organized by the Antonine University in Lebanon, Dental News was there and covered the Celebration live from the Amann Girrbach booth.

A Noble Cause

The amount gained from the auction will be completely donated to finance over 200 projects and surgeries for children in need of cleft lip rehabilitation.

The Deutsche Cleft Kinderhilfe e.V. is committed worldwide to the treatment of children with cleft lips, jaws and palates. The children come from the poorest backgrounds and are often socially isolated because of their disfigurement. Surgery to give the affected children the opportunity of leading a “normal” life costs the equivalent of EUR 250.

In addition to the obvious disfigurement, children with a cleft in most cases suffer from serious health impairments: they cannot eat and drink properly, have hearing deficiencies, their language development is impaired. With the aim of providing comprehensive cleft therapy and in addition to financing the operations, the organization promotes the establishment of interdisciplinary teams of physicians and therapists consisting of surgeons, pediatricians, dentists, orthodontists, speech therapists, psychologists and social workers.

Give a smile

That’s what the Amann Girrbach family had intended when organizing the first “AG Games” at the AG dealer meeting end of 2018. The response was overwhelming and with the raised money, about € 12,000, the organization was able to finance more than 40 surgical procedures.

Give a smile Amann Girrbach - deutsche cleft kinderhilfe

Amann Girrbach chose an organization, which operates through national affiliates and therefore keeps the administrative expenses at a minimum. That’s why nearly 80% of the donations benefit the patients directly. Most of the doctors and assistants work as volunteers.

The Cleft Association helps where and when it is necessary – be it at a border camp or to educate staff locally. This is a philosophy and a path, which Amann Girrbach truly supports and therefore established a cooperation on a regular basis. 

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