Sit down with Dr. Henriette Lerner – Digital Dentistry Society

Henriette Lerner Digital Dentistry Society DDS - Baden Baden Germany

Sit down with Dr. Henriette Lerner – President, Digital Dentistry Society

Can you introduce me to DDS, what does is stand for?

The Digital Dentistry Society International is a non-profit society, which mission is to get out there, gather and know the newest technology in dentistry, validate those technologies through studies and research, implement them in a core and workflow and teach them through a structured education. We are represented in approximately forty countries, through ambassadors, embassies and partner societies.

Our targets for the next time is to implement continuing education in all these countries in a structured way and at the end of the day also delivering masterships in digital dentistry. We have a journal which is the BMC journal where we can publish all the articles that our members are providing on the topics of digital. I am here in Saudi Arabia invited as representative of the DDS, looking forward for cooperation with different platforms, societies and universities in Saudi Arabia. Our target is to get as much possible free members to profit ofrom our information and our continuing education in the future. 

Henriette Lerner Digital Dentistry Society DDS - Baden Baden Germany

Where is your society registered and how old is it?

DDS is a society that started 5 years ago and registered in Switzerland, I have the honor to be the current president until the end of 2019, and the first president was Giuseppe Luongo who was also the past president of the academy of osseointegration in Italy. We have an international board of members from all over the world. 

Our website is

Digital Dentistry Society DDS - Baden Baden Germany

Where will your next meeting be held?

Our global meeting takes place every 2 years. This year it will be held on 3-6 Oct, 2019 in Baden-Baden Germany. We expect a couple of hundreds of people from our extended DDS family from forty countries. 

The meeting will take place for 3 days; it will focus on clinical, scientific and brand new technologies. In Baden-Baden, Germany, in a very classic environment we will provide a high tech meeting in many terms. Digital dentistry applies to all disciplines of dentistry including prosthodontics, implantology, radiology and digital orthodontics.

Looking forward to seeing you in Germany.

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