BRILLIANT EverGlow from Coltene – Flow variations

Coltene flow variant

Flow variations

The flow variant of the universal composite BRILLIANT EverGlow makes filling extremely simple

Undercuts, sharp angles or cervical bevels present particular challenges when placing conventional composites. Therefore clinicians will benefit substantially from an innovative dental material with an optimal thixotropic property and allows effortless positioning. The flowable consistency is particularly suited for treating areas with difficult access and saves valuable treatment time.

Rapid, voidless fillings

To complete the classical presentation form, the Swiss dental specialist COLTENE now additionally offers its BRILLIANT EverGlow submicron universal composite in a flowable variant. The low viscosity filling material combines convenient application with high stability. 

Among other things, BRILLIANT EverGlow Flow is ideally suited for filling areas with difficult access as well as for sealing fissures. Due to its flow properties, the restorative material fully comes into its own when filling cavity linings. The flow variant can be applied directly from the syringe to the bonded surface which saves material and time. The composite, which flows under pressure, can then be comfortably brought into the required position until curing.

The exceptionally smooth consistency of BRILLIANT EverGlow high performance composite has already captivated many clinicans. Owing to its sophisticated composition of special fillers, the pliable material can be applied easily into all classes of cavities without sticking to the instrument. Not only that, it has long gloss stability and excellent polishability. BRILLIANT EverGlow Flow, a user-friendly and highly aesthetic flowable, rounds off the programme. Depending on the indication, dentists can in future choose a suitable variant from the extended product range.


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