Encore D/C and Connexio from Centrix

Encore D/C and Connexio CENTRIX

Encore® D/C and Connexio®

Create a bond that can’t be broken

Encore® D/C dual-cure core buildup composite and Connexio® self-etch bond are a perfect product pairing!

Encore® D/C  

Dual-Cure Core Buildup Composite

Encore D/C is a dual-cure composite core buildup material that enables you to build up just the coronal core or to fabricate a composite post and core that bonds the post, tooth and core together into an integrated whole. The non-slumping formula eliminates the need to use a matrix/core-form and cuts like dentin for a natural feel. Made in the USA.

Encore D/C Centrix Made in USA


Dual Cure, Self-Etch Bond

Connexio dual-cure 7th-generation adhesive is designed to complement Encore D/C core material, providing dual curing deep in canal, right to the bottom of the post space for a completely polymerized, integrated tooth/core/post monobloc. The self-etching ability of Connexio provides strong dentin bonds without the need for a separate acid-etching step. Connexio is the optimal bonding agent for dual cure composite materials, like Encore D/C.

Connexio Centrix Made in USA

“Encore D/C + Connexio are the best choices when you are using a dual-cure or a self-cure core build up material. No need for an etching step as with generation 4 and 5 and is chemical compatible, as opposed to most of the self-etching bonding, with dual cure or self-cure composite materials.” ~ Marian Fanica, DDS

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