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Propex IQ

The Propex IQ® apex locator is the perfect complement to your dental practice. Reliable and easy to use, the Propex IQ® guarantees reliable monitoring of file progression, works with various irrigation* solutions if liquid is used, doesn’t require any calibration and is extremely lightweight at only 80g.

Propex IQ Dentsply Sirona
Propex IQ®

Although the Propex IQ® can be used as a standalone item, its true advantages stand out when it is used in combination with the X-Smart IQ® via connection to the Endo IQ® App. When used with the X-Smart IQ® and the Endo IQ® App, the Propex IQ® allows you to efficiently and visually monitor file progression whilst shaping the canal at the same time.

*The following solutions have been tested: NaCl, NaOCl, EDTA, Qmix.


Fill canals conveniently and reliably with the Gutta-Smart™ cordless obturation device and Conform Fit™ gutta-percha master cones. Designed to work together, they feature the same low-temperature flow characteristics and radiopacity for a total warm vertical obturation solution.

• The efficiency of a total solution. Paired with the enhanced fit of Conform Fit™ master cones, Gutta-Smart™ provides the efficiency you expect in a complete obturation solution.

• Patient safety. You can feel confident knowing the unique formula is not made with natural rubber latex. 

Gutta Smart gutta-percha Dentsply Sirona

• Gutta-percha with low-temperature flow. In both Conform Fit™ master cones and Gutta-Smart™ cartridges, the gutta-percha formula flows at a lower temperature, requiring less heat from the handpieces. 

• The right fit you can feel. Conform Fit™ master cones provide a snug apical fit for accurate tug-back, while the cordless Gutta-Smart™ handpieces provide precise control and excellent tactile feedback. 

• All-day power*. A single charge gives you the power to complete an entire day’s work.

• Durable, cordless performance. Well-balanced, lightweight and comfortable to use, both handpieces are cordless for freedom of movement.

*The battery capacities of the Flow and Pack handpieces allow for them to be used for up to five procedures per day on a single charge.

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