BEGO Semados S-Implants Launching in Beirut

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Tried and tested aspects of the BEGO Semados S-Implants remain unchanged in the SC/SCX implants

Lebanese Fullcare company launched the BEGO Semados implant systems at the Bristol hotel in Beirut with a conference by Dr Andreas Barbetseas and Dr Marcio dos Santos.

BEGO Medical is offering the following implant system:

•  BEGO Semados® SC/SCX implants can be implanted in all jaw regions and all bone qualities. They are recommended for the following applications in particular: in the upper and lower jaw, for D1 and D2 bone qualities, with sufficient bone volume, for sinus augmentation to protect against inadvertent perforation of the Schneiderian membrane.

• The SC/SCX implants are available in the standard diameters (3.25/ 3.75/ 4.1/ 4.5/ 5.5 mm) and lengths (7/ 8.5/ 10/ 11.5/ 13/ 15 mm) of the S-implants.

• The BEGO Semados® SC-implants feature the established machined shoulder with a micro-roughness comparable to natural dental enamel (Ra ≈ 0.4).

• The trusted surgical process / the surgical preparation with the BEGO Semados® S-Line TrayPlus remains. The existing processing instruments can still be used.

• Individual treatments, made of a range of materials, can be obtained as usual via the CAD/CAM supported production of BEGO Medical.

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