Unlimited Flexibility with HyFlex EDM from Coltene

hyflex edm niti files by coltene swiss flexibility

Unlimited Flexibility 

HyFlex EDM NiTi System with additional files sizes allowing more flexible application 

Due to limited access endo experts often want more flexibility from their instruments. Pre-bendable tools can extend the horizon into new dimensions. Particularly in a limited working space, modular nickel-titanium systems display their full strength. From now on dentists can choose from a series of additional file sizes for a fast and safe instrumentation to the remotest parts of the root canal system.

21 mm Agility 

With a total of seven highly flexible file variants, the Swiss dental specialist COLTENE is now expanding its wide-ranging HyFlex NiTi program. In addition to the usual lengths of 25 mm, all preparation files of the popular EDM series are now also available in 21 mm working length. The application of the more agile, shorter models is particularly recommended in the treatment of the posterior molars and in patients with cranio-mandibular problems. Being just about the size of a five cent coin, the new HyFlex EDM files enable comfortable work in insufficient interocclusal space. The secured working with the pre-bendable NiTi files becomes now a straight forward matter. 

The new HyFlex EDM 20/.05 augments the existing HyFley EDM line. The additional file enables fans of the flexible NiTi range to treat curved channels only with the efficient EDM files. After creating a glide path with the Glidepathfile 10/.05, the new file with the same taper allows minimally invasive, fast preparation of the canal. Subsequently the actual shaping can be done in the usual manner with the universal file HyFlex EDM OneFile, size 25. Depending on the channel anatomy, apical preparation can be finished with EDM files up to ISO size 60. Even in these large sizes the files work safely and without transportation of the canal center. The good cutting performance and fracture resistance of the flexible NiTi files, is due to a special manufacturing process referred to as “Electrical Discharge Machining“(EDM in short). Based on their robust high performance they are ideal for both, Endo specialists and general practitioners who want to produce reliable results with a reduced number of files.

Who invented it?

The Swiss dental specialist COLTENE already introduced its HyFlex files to the market in 2010, creating the new era of “Controlled Memory” (CM) files at a time when other manufacturers did not yet know the difference between austenitic and martensitic files. HyFlex EDM files also benefit from the so-called “CM” treatment and can be modularly supplemented with the classic HyFlex CM series. Apart from that, the COLTENE team of experts supports ENDO specialists as well as general practitioners to learn the optimal handling of well-designed working aids with a large selection of hands-on workshops, training materials and personal service offers.

More information: www.coltene.com

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