what are the current advances in implantology?

implant dentistry advances in implanvology

Interview with Dr. Elias KHOURY

what are the current advances in implantology?

During last year’s BIDM, we had a thrilling discussion about the advances in implantology with Dr Elias Khoury, a renowned dental surgeon from Paris. Check it out and see you at Beirut International Dental Meeting – BIDM 2019!

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DN: Dr. Elias Khoury, what are the current advances in implantology?

Dr Elias Khoury: Current advances in implantology are at several levels.

First at the implant level; the implant by its design, its geometry will ensure a very high primary stability.

Once this primary stability is reached, we obtain – in any case – seek a second stability which is biological stability.

And it is the surface condition of the implant that will give us this stability.

The surface treatment will help this surface become hydrophilic and accelerate cell adaptation and accelerate the integration of our implant.

In parallel in cases where the bone volume is insufficient we must use the techniques of bone regeneration, bone grafting techniques or osteotomy techniques, which in turn will allow us to create a new bone volume in which we can place implants in a healthy environment as volumetric as tissue.

Soft tissue management is at several levels, either prior to implant placement or once the implant is placed. We will be able to regenerate our tissues and optimize them because we all know that the implant is supported by the bone. The implant is implanted in the bone, and the bone is supported by the soft tissue and whenever there is an unattractive alteration of the soft tissues, we will necessarily have bone damage.

So the bone-implant interrelation is essential. And if this set is stable, we will have aesthetic implant results in the long run.

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