New Lara Sterilizers by W&H: Ready for the future

Lara Sterilizers by W&H

New Lara Sterilizers by W&H

Incredible inside & outside

Incredible outside

You don’t need to be a lover of design to appreciate the new Lara sterilizers. Their smooth surfaces are comfortable to the touch, the instruments are easy to load and the flat colour screen displays allow you to navigate through the intelligent menu structure quickly and with ease.

Incredible inside

Discover the new W&H Lara sterilizers down to the smallest detail. So many components, perfectly arranged to offer you complete satisfaction by simplifying the sterilization process while providing you with comprehensive documentation.

lara sterilizers W&H

Incredible because

• Fastest B cycle in its segment

• Unique upgradeability thanks to Activation Codes

• Colour touch display for easy navigation

• Automatic cycle record via high capacity USB stick

• Optional high end label and cycle report printer

• Ergonomics and functional design

Fastest in its segement: Even with the basic equipment, the new Lara sterilizers offer you the fastest B cycle in their performance segment.

Upgradeable: Customize your sterilizer simply by using the new Activation Code system for even higher speed and comprehensive documentation. 

Easy to use: Explore new ergonomic thanks to the large colour display and intelligent menu structure.

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