Voco Solflex Printers


Voco Solflex Printers 
SolFlex 650 – 350 – 170

The SolFlex series of industrial grade 3D printers offer innovative features for easier, more efficient workflows and higher process reliability for the dental laboratory and dental practice.

SolFlex 3D Printers have proven themselves capable of handling individual mass production in the hearing aid industry. They are ready for the dental industry with VOCO’s individually matched materials. Different from most other printer manufacturers, VOCO is not only manufacturing the printer but we also make all of our 3D print materials and therefore can guarantee the perfect compatibility of printer and material. 

The know-how of more than 3 decades in the dental industry combined with our own research and development of leading resin technologies ensures superior print materials. Three important innovations make your dental workflow fast, precise and economical.

• Use of STL format
• High vat volume allows production over night
• DLP-Technology with a long-lasting UV-LED light source
• Maximized building speed with high process reliability due to SMP technology
• Patented Flex-Vat technology – increasing printing speed while minimizing support structures, saving time and material

website: www.voco.dental 

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