Boston Dental Clinic Deploys Autonomous Robots to Eradicate Covid-19 Virus

Boston Dental Clinic Deploys UVD Robots Covid-19 Virus sterilization

They are the only dental clinic in the world to use autonomous robot technology for sterilization processes

Boston Dental Clinic, an award-winning dental practice in Boston, USA and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, announces the deployment of UV Disinfection Robots to sterilize the premises and eradicate the spread of Covid-19 (coronavirus). The first dental clinic in the world to utilize this autonomous technology, the UVD Robots eliminate harmful pathogens and superbugs on surfaces and in the air within the room through a highly effective process of sterilization. 

Boston Dental Clinic Deploys Autonomous UVD Robots to Eradicate Covid-19 Virus

A field hospital opened in Wuhan, the epicenter of the virus, was recently staffed with the UVD Robots to ease the burden on pressured healthcare workers and cleaning staff while eliminating the possibility of human error during sanitization. Within a span of 10 minutes, the autonomous technology and self-navigating robots eliminate the need for additional cleaning staff within a confined space. 

Dr. Maged El-Malecki, Dental Director of Boston Dental said, “As the first dental clinic in the world to utilize these autonomous UVD robots, we are providing a protected state-of-the-art experience for all of our patients while ensuring peace of mind during the Covid-19 pandemic. Our goal has always been to exceed expectations, and our staff and patients are our top priority. We’ve invested heavily in optimizing our safety and sterilization processes, including additional hospital-grade air filtrations and personal protective equipment (PPE) for all of our staff. As the pandemic continues globally, we’re striving daily to ensure a well-protected atmosphere for our patients and staff members.” 

The robots use eight UV-C ultraviolet lights to disinfect, and move in a 360-degree fashion to offer complete coverage of the room while destroying 99.99% of all viruses and bacteria. They are more effective than manual cleaning procedures that involve spraying disinfectants. This helps slow the spread of coronavirus and helps protect the frontline healthcare workers that frequent these spaces. To ensure the safety of those around it, the robots are equipped with an emergency button and sensor-based safety features that shut down the UV lights in case a person is present within the space they’re disinfecting. 

In addition to deploying the robots, Boston Dental has implemented additional sterilization methods, enhanced their disinfection tools and air-duct purification methods and provided person protective equipment (PPE) to their entire team.  

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An award-winning dental practice, Boston Dental Clinic is committed to providing the finest dental care and the most advanced oral healthcare and smile rejuvenation. Operating on trust and finesse, their experts have world-class experience, friendly and personalized services ensure their patients remain at ease. 

Located in Boston USA and Dubai UAE, Boston Dental are the only clinic with UV Disinfection Robots which eradicate Covid-19 (coronavirus). A highly effective process of sterilization, the robot uses eight UV-C ultraviolet lights to disinfect a 360-degree coverage, eliminating 99.99% of all viruses and bacteria.

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