G-CEM Veneer from GC: The perfect flow


G-CEM Veneer: a light-cure resin cement for high aesthetic demand with easy placement featuring an innovative technology.

Aesthetic dentistry is evolving towards less invasive preparations with high aesthetic restorations which deserve dedicated luting solutions. Featuring a perfect viscosity and high physical performance, G-CEM Veneer has been designed to offer standardized luting procedure for indirect aesthetic restorations less than 2 mm thick. 

Thanks to the Full Silane Coverage (FSC) technology, it possesses unique thixotropic properties that make it easy to dispense, apply and clean up, while maintaining an exceptional strength.

Viscosity is a very important property when cementing thin restorations. With a cement that is too liquid, the veneer can shift during the seating and clean-up of excess cement and marginal areas can be tedious and time-consuming. Additionally, mechanical properties tend to be lower when the filler content is low. For these reasons, many dentists have started using pre-heated composites. However, they must be warmed up to the recommended temperature and do not naturally spread over the surface. Special care must be taken to prevent veneer fracture during placement when a high viscosity material is used. 

g-cem veneer aesthetic restorations fsc technology veneer aesthetic

G-CEM Veneer is made using the latest innovation in filler technology: Full-coverage Silane Coating (FSC). This new technology enables to disperse a higher amount of fillers in a very efficient way and leads to a thixotropic consistency. It stays in place when untouched but gets fluid under pressure. 

As a result, a better adaptation can be obtained, the low film thickness ensures an excellent fit and excesses are removed very easily. The optimal surface wetting and homogeneous spread ensures high bond strengths and with a filler rate of 69%, flexural strength and wear resistance are exceptionally high. 

Combined with G-Multi PRIMER, a universal primer for all types of substrates, and with G-Premio BOND, a universal bonding for all types of preparations, G-CEM Veneer ensures high bond strength for durable aesthetic restorations. Hence, the same simple procedure as

G-CEM LinkForce remains while having the additional benefits of the FSC technology and light-curing, such as extended working time. 

G-CEM Veneer adapts to all demanding aesthetic cases, by providing a natural result with incorporated fluorescence. It comes in four aesthetic shades (translucent, A2, opaque and bleach) that all remain stable over time. Accompanying water-soluble try-in pastes are available for an easy and predictable shade selection.

For more info, please check GC’s website: www.gceurope.com

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