The Top Reasons Why Your Dental Practice Needs An App

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Why Does Your Dental Practice Need An App?

By Lucy Wyndham

Nearly 90% of people’s total mobile time was spent using apps in 2019. With apps becoming increasingly mainstay in people’s lives, dentists shouldn’t miss out on leveraging their power as effective brand awareness tools. Creating a mobile dental app for your business can bring a number of benefits, including advertising your practice to new patients, improving convenience for patients and staff, and providing a better service

Win more customers 

An app is an effective way of boosting your visibility and winning more customers. However, an effective app marketing strategy is also essential for getting ahead of the competition and reaching as many people as possible. In particular, focusing on amassing positive reviews from happy customers will help your practice show up on the front page of the app store. This increases the chances of potential customers seeing your practice, being impressed with positive reviews, and downloading your app. Additionally, investing in app store advertising can help you boost visibility without you necessarily needing to rank organically. This gives you the opportunity to put your app directly in view of potential customers at the top of the search results.

app patients dental practice

Increase convenience 

With a business app, the day-to-day running of your dental practice becomes a whole lot easier. You’ll be able to gain access to comprehensive patient and dentist information stored all in one place. Whether you’re using a desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet, you can make changes and updates anywhere, any time. Moreover, an app naturally increases the convenience for patients. For example, it lets them book their appointments, make payments, ask questions, and leave feedback from their smartphones on the go. Additionally, apps can provide patients with push notifications alerting them to important information, such as, last-minute appointment openings. As a result, patients have an easier time booking appointments — which is essential for people with busy schedules — and patient relations are improved.

Provide better service

A mobile app lets patients quickly access help during dental emergencies and therefore provides improved service. When patients get toothaches, for example, they may not be sure how to best manage it at home before they’re able to book an appointment with you. In turn, symptoms may become even worse. Fortunately, an app can give patients valuable information and tips on managing symptoms before and after treatment. In fact, a mobile application can even provide patients with a teledentistry service. By being shown an interactive diagram of the mouth, patients can touch the screen to indicate where their issue is. They give details on pain intensity and potentially send a photo. With this information, dentists can quickly give patients tailored instructions to patients to prevent complications occurring.

Creating an app for your dental practice is essential for staying ahead of the curve in our increasingly online society. It gives you the opportunity to acquire customers, improve the running of your practice, and provide your patients with excellent service.

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