Switzerland’s No. 1 oral care brand in Pharmacies

tebodont oral treatment cavity wild pharma dental

TEBODONT- The pharmacies No. 1 oral care brand in Switzerland for the treatment and prevention of irritations in the oral cavity 

TEBODONT, with tea tree oil, has already been recognized as a herbal alternative in the treatment of gingivitis and periodontitis by the Dental Profession all over the world. 

This is due to the clinically proven antimicrobial/fungicidal effects of tea tree oil and the excellent therapeutical results achieved with TEBODONT since the introduction in the market.

tebodont oral treatment cavity wild pharma dental

The TEBODONT oral care products sooth and strengthen the gums, provide long-lasting freshness and stop the formation of plaque and caries. TEBODONT is available as gel and spray for intensive treatment, as mouthrinse for acute treatment and prophylaxis and as toothpaste and floss for daily oral hygiene.

All the products do not contain alcohol and preserving agents and are suitable for long term treatment. Mouthrinse and toothpaste are available with and without fluoride. 

tebodont oral treatment cavity wild pharma dental

TEBODONT – The herbal alternative for optimal oral and dental hygiene. Effective. well tolerated and successful!

For more info about TEBODONT oral products, kindly visit wild-pharma.com

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