Endo Motor CanalPro Jeni navigates through treatment

CanalPro Jeni Endo Motor by Coltene file treatment

Digital endo assistance fully automated CanalPro Jeni Endo Motor navigates through treatment

Autonomous driving, operations using a robot arm, computer-aided design (or CAD for short) – there is hardly an area in which humans can now not be assisted by an electronic co-pilot. The more complex the application, the more useful the support via algorithms. Endodontic treatment is no exception and also requires the utmost precision and reliability. Endo specialists therefore increasingly rely on the fully automatic navigation of the latest endo motors.

Electronically controlled preparation

The internationally recognised, leading dental specialist, COLTENE, has achieved a breakthrough with a virtually-self-propelled endo motor: the fully automatic CanalPro Jeni, named after its developer Prof. Dr. Eugenio Pedullà, finds its way through the root canal autonomously and thus accompanies mechanical and chemical preparation step by step. Via touch screen, the Jeni connects directly to the selected NiTi file system such as the HyFlex CM or EDM or the files of MicroMega from the COLTENE group of companies.

CanalPro Jeni Endo Motor by Coltene file treatment

What is new is that the user can work forwards continuously from coronal to apical applying only slight pressure and the motor decides independently on the progress of movement. For this purpose, the Jeni assistance system uses complex algorithms and controls the variable file movements at millisecond intervals by constantly regulating rotational movement, speed, torque and file stress. The endo motor adapts to the individual root canal anatomy and guides the preparation step by step. Integrated length measurement is available at the same time. The outstanding comfort and level of safety that Jeni delivers during preparation, is unmatchable.Jeni recognises the risk of a potential fatigue fracture of the file and informs the dentist with an acoustic signal that a file change is necessary. 

The CanalPro Jeni is also very familiar with the common endodontic irrigation protocol: the device records mechanical reprocessing progress and notifies the chairside dentist or assistant, acoustically, when and how often irrigation should be performed between file changes. This is incredibly important when the long-term success of treatment depends largely on thorough irrigation of the prepared root canals.

Synchronised endo instruments

With the CanalPro Jeni Motor, the COLTENE group of companies has added another useful tool to its range of ideally matched endodontic instruments and dental materials. COLTENE has always worked closely with international scientists, practice owners, key opinion leaders and dental teams to design and realise concrete solutions for everyday treatment routines.

On www.coltene.com or one of the innovation leader’s social media channels, interested dentists can find out about the latest trends and ideas from the dental world. In addition, COLTENE also offers a wide range of training courses and practical workshops to ensure the optimal use of technical aids and digital assistants. This way, even endo beginners will be able to achieve competent and efficient preparation after only a short time.

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