Neo Spectra™ ST


Our decades of innovation in composite materials taught us what matters most to dentists. Neo Spectra™ ST is the successor of ceram.x® SphereTEC™ one, now a complete portfolio covering the full range of handling preferences and aesthetic needs with a single product line. SphereTEC® filler technology offers optimised performance in the areas that matter most, helping clinicians to achieve reliable, aesthetic results efficiently.

What’s new? Two universal composite handling options.

Neo Spectra™ ST composite offers optimised handling in a creamy and spreadable Low-Viscosity (LV) or a firm and packable High-Viscosity (HV) to accommodate your preference and technique for placement efficiency.

Features and Benefits

• Novel SphereTEC™ filler technology. 

• Exceptional handling comfort! Easy to adapt to cavity walls, margins and surfaces, no stock to the hand instrument, precise to sculpt, slump resistant and easy to extrude.

• Extremely simple Cloud shade concept.

• Exciting clinical results made easy.

• Fast and easy polishing.

• Extra glossy.

• Great mechanical properties.

• Excellent choice for long-lasting restorations. 

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