Umbrella™ Tongue, Lip, and Cheek Retractor

Ultradent Umbrella Retractor

The Umbrella retractor is designed with a priority on ease of placement and patient comfort. 

To use the Umbrella retractor, a clinician simply presses the two tabs together, places it in the patient’s mouth, and it pops open. This retractor helps the patient’s mouth stay open in a natural and comfortable range while still allowing for the patient to fully open or close as needed. The retractor also opens the space between the teeth, lips, and cheeks in a way that encourages saliva to accumulate away from dentition and improves access for HVE.

A new, innovative tongue-retraction design allows the tongue to comfortably rest behind the tongue guard.

The Umbrella cheek retractor is ideal for a variety of procedures that require clear access without compromising patient comfort.

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