Maximize clarity, ergonomics and control with LumiPro Headlight System


The LumiPro® provides an unmatched output of uniform and natural bright light, and features an enhanced spot size to illuminate the entire oral cavity. This innovative headlight is notably smaller and lighter than previous models.

Combined with this high-definition headlight is a sleek, new powerpack that provides a long-lasting charge of 10+ hours. Thanks to soft-touch on/off and intensity adjustments, this powerpack reduces the need to deglove — giving users greater convenience and control.

LumiPro Features

• Uniform output of natural, bright light

• Enhanced spot size to illuminate the entire oral cavity

• Significantly smaller and lighter than most headlights in the market

• Easy-to-use soft-touch on/off and intensity adjustments to reduce the need to deglove

• 10+ hours of run time on high

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