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Dental implantology is evolving at a rapid pace. Treatments are increasingly becoming safer and gentler and the implantology workflow more efficient and verifiable. And Implantmed is part of this progress. Andreas Brandstätter, Strategic Product Manager for Oral Surgery and Implantology, knows exactly how the W&H innovation has changed implantology during the past 20 years. We spoke to him about W&H’s USPs and the secret to its success:

1. Mr Brandstätter, what does the ‘Implantmed’ brand stand for?

Brandstätter: For me, it’s quite clear: Implantmed is your go-to partner for oral surgery and implantology. The popular product brand is now synonymous with dental implantology and is commonly used as a term for implantology motors in dental practices.

Implantology meets Implantmed W&H
Andreas Brandstätter is particularly proud of the short and powerful motor including thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable cable.

2. What makes Implantmed a must-have in dental implantology?

Brandstätter: We offer a reliable, robust and durable drive unit, which is easy to operate. At the same time, we provide a flexible workflow solution with optional extra product features that are ideally suited to the user’s individual working style.

We make sure that Implantmed is always at the forefront of current trends by adding appropriate customer-oriented features. The wireless foot control, Osstell ISQ for measuring implant stability, the complete USB documentation and connection to the ioDent®system are just a few examples of this.

3. Can you briefly explain us through how the W&H innovation has evolved over the years?

Brandstätter: Twenty years ago, our team of developers was tasked with designing an easy to operate drive unit with a high-torque motor for dental implantology and maxillary surgery; the result was Implantmed. And it still fulfils these criteria today. Implantmed is constantly being updated with innovations such as an LED supply on the motor, a function for measuring implant stability, wireless foot control, precise torque monitoring, and many other functions. A glass display with touch screen also enables better disinfection and therefore optimal hygiene. 

Implantology meets Implantmed W&H
Andreas Brandstätter is particularly proud of the short and powerful motor including thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable cable.

4. This means each Implantmed generation is always a step ahead. What is the secret to W&H’s success?

Brandstätter: That’s easy – our focus on the customer and the commitment of each and every employee. Another secret to our success is the perfect interplay of man and machine; expertise and technology go hand in hand here and this is reflected in Implantmed.

5. What technological milestones are you particularly proud of?

Brandstätter: We should be proud of every Implantmed generation. My personal highlight is the short and powerful motor including thermo washer disinfectable and sterilizable cable. This was a key milestone for the industry with which we can offer extra comfort and safety for the user and the patient alike.

Brandstätter: Because it is reliable, durable and easy to use; this enables the user to fully concentrate on treating the patient. But we really would need to ask our customers who work with Implantmed every day. And this is something we do regularly. We had a great response from Dr Romana Krapf, for example, who runs a group practice with her father in Weißenhorn, Germany. She explained to us that her father was already working with Implantmed 20 years ago and that she is still using the same device today, as it fits perfectly into her workflow. This alone says a great deal.

We also support the work of the Dentists Without Limits Foundation (DWLF) in Siavonga, Zambia, where our Implantmed device is in use. Dr Fridleif Bachner from Germany, who often works on site at DWLF, is delighted with the robustness of the W&H device. Despite extreme on-site conditions – like dust, heat etc. – Implantmed works reliably and smoothly. Implantmed is thus not only an important tool in clean room surgeries, but also under extreme external conditions in Africa.

Implantology meets Implantmed W&H
In Implantmed Plus, implantologists have a powerful device with optional extra features.

7. What role does Implantmed play in the entire W&H product portfolio?

Brandstätter: Implantmed is one of W&H’s most popular products. Today, there are Implantmed fans right across the world. As an essential part of our NIWOP workflow (No Implantology without Periodontology), it demonstrates its strength in individual workflow solutions.

Countless implant manufacturers around the world place their trust in us and sell Implantmed under their own brand.

8. What can we look forward to next?

Brandstätter: Implantmed is increasingly evolving into an innovative systems solution. So, the professional community can certainly look forward to more highlights in the future!

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