Boost your medical tooth whitening treatments with Opalescence


Boost your medical tooth whitening treatments: 
Material-viscosity as key factor for controlled procedures and effective results

Patient cases requiring medical tooth whitening protocols are frequently challenging.

Medical whitening procedures are used to treat obvious intense discoloration inside the tooth, e. g. as a result of diseases, drugs, tooth malformations and bleeding after accidents or trauma. These kinds of discolorations typically do not affect the entire arch, but only one or several teeth. 

Studies by Prof. Polydorou (Freiburg/Germany) have shown, that it is appropriate in such cases, to use a higher concentration of peroxide. The studies regarding safety aspects show additionally, that these treatments maybe considered to be absolutely safe, as they are executed under the full supervision of the practice team.

In order to achieve the best results, it is vital to have suitable procedures in place, supported by perfectly matching products, thus enabling the clinician to proceed in a controlled, yet effective way. Talking about effectiveness and the highest level of control, the viscosity of the whitening product used plays an important role: It is key for precise application, for reliable handling and consequently for convincing results.

Opalescence Boost whitening ultradent

For many years, OpalescenceTM BoostTM with 40% hydrogen peroxide has been the state-of-the-art power whitening solution for bespoke medical in-office treatments. The whitening gel is suitable for the treatment of one or more teeth, parts of a tooth or for accelerated chairside-whitening techniques. It can also be used on non-vital teeth, including in-office intra-coronal whitening. 

As part of Ultradent Products’ continuous commitment to research and development, Opalescence Boost has been reformulated in order to further improve its performance, usability, consistency and viscosity. The updated material with its higher viscosity provides for advanced handling properties and a more precise placement. Consequently, the newly formulated gel reliably stays in place during the entire treatment. 

The re-designed mixing syringes incorporating a gold element, deliver fresh chemicals for each application. A short treatment time of 2 x 20 minutes is sufficient to achieve excellent whitening results. 

Opalescence Boost’s new improved viscosity means that it should no longer be applied with Micro 20ga and MicroTM 20ga FXTM Tips. Ultradent Products’ well-known BlackTM Mini Tips ensure easy expression of the more viscous formula and are therefore perfectly suitable for its accurate placement. 

Unlike other in-office whitening products, Opalescence Boost is chemically activated and consequently does not require activation by expensive, hot and uncomfortable lights. Due to its high concentration of 40% hydrogen peroxide, Opalescence Boost is categorized as a medical device product*). Despite its high content of active ingredients, Opalescence Boost is pH neutral. Thus, the tooth structure will not be affected, even when used repeatedly. Opalescence Boost also contains PF (potassium nitrate and fluoride) to strengthen the enamel and to reduce sensitivity. If an activated gel syringe is not completely used, the contents remain active for up to 10 days if stored in a refrigeretor.

Chairside whitening, the fastest, most targeted and controlled method of tooth whitening can be performed effectively, safely and economically with Opalescence Boost in its new formulation. Once the teeth have been whitened, the patients usually show an increased awareness for their general oral health. They demonstrate their appreciation for the treatment by their loyalty to the dental practice and by good oral hygiene. What more could a professional wish for? 

*) Note: Medical Devices for Tooth Whitening are not available in some countries of the European Community. Please ask your Dental Dealer.

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