Composan LCM & Composan LCM flow

Composan LCM Promedica

Light-curing micro-hybrid composites

Composan LCM is a universal light-curing micro-hybrid composite suitable for fillings in the anterior & posterior area and for the inlay technique. Its high filler content and well-balanced resin matrix guarantee minimal abrasion, low polymerisation shrinkage, as well as high compressive and transverse strength. 

Perfect aesthetic results

Composan LCM convinces with its great colour stability, excellent polishing properties, perfect adaptation to the natural tooth colour and its toothlike brilliance.

Therefore, fillings made of Composan LCM meet the highest aesthetic requirements of dentists and patients. 

Also available as a flowable version 

Composan LCM flow is suitable for various indications like minimally invasive preparation, fillings of class III to V, extended fissure sealing etc. Moreover, it is ideal for linings under composites due to its easy application and perfect adaption to the cavity walls / tooth substance. Composan LCM flow levels out irregularities of the cavity floor and reinforces the bonding layer. Due to its elastic properties the material is also highly stress absorbing. Its low viscosity ensures good wetting capability and highly aesthetic results. 

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