Meron Plus QM – New paste-paste version


Resin-reinforced glass ionomer luting cement in QuickMix syringe

In Meron Plus QM, VOCO is offering a resin-reinforced glass ionomer luting cement in a paste-paste version in the practical QuickMix syringe, naturally with all the advantages of the tried-and-tested Meron Plus products – from self-adhesion to the thin film thickness right up to the continuous fluoride release. High adhesion values above those of a conventional glass ionomer luting cement ensure secure and reliable hold even in unfavourable conditions such as those encountered with short cores. The working time of 2 minutes (from the start of mixing) offers sufficient time for the luting of both individual restorations and bridges. At the same time, the products in the Meron Plus range all boast outstanding flow properties without unwanted flowing away and a high moisture tolerance. 

Meron Plus QM is self-curing. Once the gel phase is achieved, the excess material can be removed simply and cleanly. In addition, the curing can also be individually controlled when removing the excess. Simply cure the excess material for 5-10 seconds and remove directly.

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