THE SAFEST* Tests show the superiority of the latest reciprocation technology from FKG R-Motion®


Tests show the superiority of the latest
reciprocation technology from FKG

Swiss precision and quality triumph with the launch of the R-Motion® range as the safest reciprocation solution, eclipsing old files systems. The minimally invasive philosophy from endodontics experts FKG is now available for reciprocation users, offering an affordable treatment with the ultimate simplicity for most clinical cases.

La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, May 2022.

While FKG stands for Swiss quality in minimally invasive endodontics, R-Motion® continues its legacy of advanced endodontic instruments that challenge existing norms by setting new standards in reciprocation. Test results highlight its superiority in mechanical design, with uncompromising safety and simplicity.

reciprocation technology from FKG R-Motion Glider

R-Motion®. Reciprocation Redefined.

Minimally invasive with no compromise on performance, the R-Motion® range is a novel solution in reciprocation. R-Motion® combines cutting efficiency, flexibility, and resistance to cyclic fatigue with a design that respects the anatomy of the root canal at all times. Due to extremely precise engineering, R-Motion® is up to 3.3 times more flexible and up to 3.6 times more resistant to cyclic fatigue. With 60% less transportation than standard reciprocating NiTi systems, R-Motion® delivers better centering and up to a 40% less dentinal stress than other providers.


For the majority of cases, R-Motion® delivers results with just two files. To cover all possible cases, R-Motion® offers one of the largest lines of instruments. With the new R-Motion Glider C glide path file and R-Motion 20 shaping file there are in total seven files:

• R-Motion Glider
• R-Motion Glider C
• R-Motion 20
• R-Motion 25
• R-Motion 30
• R-Motion 40
• R-Motion 50

With the addition of two new instruments in the range, R-Motion® is pursuing FKG’ tradition of excellence in minimally invasive endodontics.
*Based on cyclic fatigue internal tests, compared with equivalent competitors

For further information about R-Motion®, visit or contact the FKG Dentaire TEAM:

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About FKG Dentaire:
Founded in Switzerland in 1931, FKG Dentaire gained a new momentum in 1994, when the Rouiller family took over the reins of the company. This has propelled FKG to the forefront in the development, production and distribution of dental solutions destined for general practitioners, endodontists and laboratories. The FKG mission is centered on manufacturing innovative high-precision dental products with the finest machines engineered in-house. Its vision is to be the leading force in saving teeth through dentin preservation technologies, while being sustainable using 100% solar and hydroelectric renewable energy.

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