Interview with Mr Peter Malata


1- As the demand for dental treatment increases, and the demand for infection control is a requirement, what is W&H offering to dental offices to facilitate their work?

Peter Malata: We provide different products in the field of hygiene, sterilization, and maintenance to meet the growing demand for infection control. Our focus on sterilization has always been high. Our Lara XL for example, our new sterilizer, offers even more capacity and convinces with energy-saving technology. Lara XL features our patented Eco Dry + technology, that adjusts the drying time to the mass of the load.

This reduces the cycle time and also increases the life span of instruments and optimizes the energy consumption. Our new sterilizers can be connected with our digital solution ioDent. ioDent ensures fully automatic cycle documentation. Also, ioDent allows us to do predictive maintenance. We develop products that are customer orientated. For us, that means, that we support healthcare professionals in their treatments in the best possible way with all our products. A new product that we have in the field of maintenance is the Assistina One. Assistina One has a HEPA filter to meet hygiene standards and a clean working environment. With our updated W&H AIMS workflow we want to give our customers a guideline to ensure the correct reprocessing of instruments. So, we also attach great importance to providing our customers with a training tool. Overall, our aim is to enable safe treatments – for patients and the whole practice team. Also, our customers will see new products for hygiene and sterilization at the IDS 2023.

2- In the field of surgery and Implantology how is W&H helping the surgeon in histask?

Peter Malata: Our Implantmed can be connected with our new Piezomed module and the Osstell Beacon, this opens up completely new possibilities. Our aim was to provide healthcare professionals with a device that supports them in their treatments and facilitates workflows in everyday practice. And we were successful in doing so: Implantmed Plus ensures efficient and safe implantology work. By connecting the Piezomed module, the W&H Piezo technology is also available. And with the Osstell Beacon, implant stability can be measured. This means that we offer a unique modular system that guarantees the highest level of efficiency in everyday clinical practice.

3- In non-surgical periodontics, what are the tools offered for the maintenance of the mouth health?

Peter Malata: Dental prophylaxis is particularly important to us. Our prophylaxis portfolio ranges from the W&H Piezo Scaler to our Proxeo Air Scaler and our Proxeo Aura Air Polishing System to rotary polishing instruments. Our Proxeo Ultra Scaler for example is a perfect assistant for the removal of hard and soft deposits both above and below the gum line. With our Proxeo Twist Cordless prophylaxis professionals can experience the freedom of rotary polishing.

4- W&H hand pieces are famous for their good service to the practitioner, any new features added to them?

Peter Malata: Our handpieces are true all-round talents. The hand pieces and turbines from the Synea Vision product line convince with a special scratch-resistant coating. The W&H Scratch Blocker ensures comprehensive protection, and the instruments retain their high value. The integrated W&H Head Blocker protects against burns, by ensuring a cold push button. We also have a small turbine in our product portfolio, with a micro head, that can be optimally used in children’s dentistry. Our bestseller is for sure our Synea turbine with the 5x Ring LED+, that guarantees shadow-free illumination at the treatment site.

Tony Dib, DentalNews

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