Admira Fusion 5 – Simplified shade system through Cluster-Shades


The correct determination of the tooth shade is the key for an aesthetic result of the restoration. Finding the optimal shade is often not that easy. One of the most common methods to define the tooth shade is the use of shade guides. Compared to the variety of shades that a natural tooth has, a shade guide can only show a limited colour spectrum, which can lead to an incorrect shade selection. VOCO has therefore set itself the goal of offering dentists a state-of-the-art universal filling material that extremely simplifies daily practice. The solution: The further development of the innovative, purely ceramic-based ORMOCER® filling material Admira Fusion. With the new universal composite Admira Fusion 5, it is now possible to cover all VITA® classical shades with just five Cluster-Shades.

New and patented resin matrix

Admira Fusion 5 uses five different Cluster-Shades, each of which bundles several VITA® classical shades. The so-called Cluster-Shade-System is enabled by the new patented resin matrix, which has been adapted to the size and optical properties of the nano-hybrid particles, which results in optimised light scattering. The result: a targeted and enhanced chameleon effect within the respective Cluster-Shade, which allows the filling material to perfectly match the natural tooth shade. Thanks to this simplified shade system, dental practices are optimally positioned for all cases in their daily practice with only five shades and can thus significantly slim down their inventory. There is no need for multi-colour layering or the use of an additional blocker or opaquer. By optimising the resin matrix, it has also been possible to significantly reduce the light-curing time: For all five shades, a polymerisation of only 10 seconds is necessary. This saves valuable time.

Proven ORMOCER® technology

With Admira Fusion 5, dentists benefit from the advantages of the proven technology of the high-performance composite Admira Fusion. The innovative combination of nano-hybrid and ORMOCER® technology, in which both fillers and resin matrix are based on silicon oxide, enables a purely ceramic-based material. Due to the ORMOCER®s (Organically Modified Ceramics) used, Admira Fusion 5 is highly biocompatible, as it does not contain any classic monomers. In addition, the material has by far the lowest polymerisation shrinkage of 1.25 % by volume and an associated extremely low shrinkage stress compared to all conventional restorative composites.

In extensive tests, the easy handling was rated particularly positively. The material can be modelled very well and does not stick to the instrument. In addition, Admira Fusion 5 is compatible with all conventional bondings and is available in both syringes and caps.

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