Ridge3D Training course


Intensive Program , Lectures, hands-on, Live surgery. Unlocking the potential of guided bone regeneration. Detailed zone-specific flap advancement & surgical approaches. Membranes, bone grafts & fixation tools autogenous bone harvesting, suturing. Muco-gingival procedures. Vestibular depth, keratinized tissue, gingival thickness long term stability complications. Prevention, diagnosis, & management.

You will learn and practice several soft tissue and bone augmentation ideas in this two-day workshop to successfully complete large bone augmentation treatments.

Course Details:

Date: October 29, 2023
Name: Ridge3D
Duration: 2 Days

Registration Process:

  1. click on “Book Here” to go to the registration form where you will be asked for some personal information.
  2. After you fill out the form, you will be contacted by the course manager who will go through the payment process.
  3. Payment: After reviewing the course brochure and filling the form, please send a confirmation to the following to process the payment:
    Email: courses@edusamarani
    Whatsapp: +961 81 178 566

What to Expect:

Keep in mind that the knowledge received in those 2 days is immensely important where you will go through lectures, hands-on activities, and a Live Surgery about guided bone regeneration.


Early Birds will benefit from free complimentary tickets to the CAPP MEA 2023 Exhibition on October 27-28! (You can ask for your eligibility before the course purchase).

Limited Spots Available:

I encourage you to secure your place at the earliest to avoid any disappointment.

Don’t Miss Out on This Unique Opportunity:

By joining this course, you can expand your skill set, gain a competitive edge, and ultimately provide your patients with the most innovative and advanced dental solutions available including guided bone regeneration.


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