EMOFORM Dental-sticks Mint


Interdental spaces account for almost about 1/3 of the whole tooth surface. That’s why giving the interdental spaces the right attention in your everyday oral care routine is key for a good oral hygiene, including caries prevention and gum care.⁠

Therefore, Wild Pharma offers you under our EMOFORM and TEBODONT-F brands a wide range of high-quality interdental cleaning tools: Flosses, brushes, dental sticks, and toothpicks in a wide variety of sizes … with and without fluoride… with and without tea tree oil… with and without mint flavor… Made out of birchwood or out of plastic, the dental sticks made of birch wood, with mint aroma removes food residues and massages the gum line – everything with the aim to enable you to have those tools available that are most suited for your personal interdental cleaning needs.⁠


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