Ultradent Introduces J-Temp™ Temporary Resin


Ultradent Products, Inc., a leading developer and manufacturer of high-tech dental materials, today released its newest product, J-Temp™ temporary resin, a premixed, light-cured temporary resin designed for multiple use cases and maximum ease of use—for dentists, by dentists.

Engineered for maximum usability—offering four solutions in just one product syringe, dentists can utilize J-Temp™ temporary resin for everything from bite ramps and temporary occlusal buildups, to build structure for isolation clamping, for temporary restorations, and for splinting between implant copings.

On developing J-Temp™ temporary resin, Ultradent’s vice-president of clinical affairs, Dr. Jaleena Jessop says, ” J-Temp™ Temporary Resin started because there was always a need for something that didn’t exist. The more I used J-Temp temporary resin for different procedures, the more I found that it is really nice to have one product that can cover a gamut of different needs, versus needing five of six different materials that may expire before you use them next.

“Ultradent’s J-Temp™ temporary resin features a consistency that’s viscous enough that it won’t run, but fluid enough to be self-leveling and easy enough to manipulate right in the operatory. Ultradent recommends using J-Temp™ temporary resin with Ultradent’s Black Mini™ tip for simple, precise placement. When it comes to removal, the resin’s light purple color allows for easy identification— making for a seamless experience for patient and dentist, start to finish.

For more information about J-Temp™ please contact sophia.yadi@ultradent.com

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