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At Dental News, we are passionated by dentistry, always sharing the latest innovations in this domain.
We believe that ethics should guide our decisions in the healthcare delivery. We believe that the most important goal is the well-being and the good health of our patients.

We are therefore specially engaged toward professionals in the entire world to spread the latest innovations available from the leading industries and universities well known for their pursuit of optimal health services.

We are people of integrity, devoted and wholeheartedly striving for continuous improvement of dental care provision.

We have been releasing since more than 20 years detailed articles about various fields in dentistry, in order to facilitate information access to professionals in action.

Our core values are:
    • Care for patients
    • Quality of content
    • Latest information
    • Learning by sharing


Tony Dib

Tony Dib Dental NewsTony Dib is Publisher of the Dental News magazine. His dental education was completed at the Saint Joseph University in Beirut, Lebanon in 1984, where he was also later granted his Masters degree in Prosthodontics. He was faculty at the same school until the year 2000. He was the Founding partner of the Dental News publication house. He has lectured in over 20 countries, and traveled extensively participating in Dental congresses all over the world.

Board Member:

Nour Habib

Nour Habib Dental NewsNour Habib is former Dean and Professor at the Faculty of Oral and Dental Medicine, Cairo University, Egypt. His Dental education was completed at Cairo University in 1975 where he was also granted his Masters degree and PhD degrees in Biomaterials in 1988. Pr. Nour has authored two textbooks on Dental materials and numerous scientific publications. He lectured on ceramics, composites in many countries. He is Board Member and Director of Continuing Education of Egyptian Dental Association,
Active Member of the Society of Color and Aesthetics, SCAD, USA and Member of the Academy of Dental Materials.

Pr. Faten Ben Abdallah BEN AMOR

Pr. Faten Ben Abdallah BEN AMOR Dental NewsProfessor of Anatomy and implantology, Faculty of Dental Medicine, Monastir University, Tunisia Manager of oral health and oral rehabilitation research laboratory (LR12ES11) Head of the outpatient department – University Dental ClinicHonorary President of Tunisian Dental Association of research and study in Surgery and Pain (ATORECD) Foreign member of the French Academy of Dental Surgery Editor in chief of Tunisian Dental News Journal.

Rayya Roumanos

Rayya Roumanos Dental NewsRayya Roumanos is an associate professor of journalism at the Bordeaux Aquitaine Institute of Journalism (IJBA), in France. She is also the coordinator of the international research program JADN (Journalisme à l’heure du numérique). She completed her PhD in media studies at Lumière Lyon 2 University. Her research interests lie in the area of media and journalism, with a focus on global communication, cultural representations and hybridity.

Pr. Abdulghani Mira

Pr. Abdulghani Mira Dental NewsPr. Abdulghani Mira is the Dean of King Abdulaziz University, Faculty of Dentistry since 2010. He is Professor in the department of Restorative Dentistry.He completed his dental education in 1995 at KAU in Jeddah with a BDS and holds a Masters degree in prosthetic dentistry from UCL Eastman Dental Institute and a Doctorate degree in Dental public health from Boston University. He has published 27 articles.

Howard I.A. Lieb, D.M.D.

Howard I.A. Lieb, D.M.D. Dental NewsGraduated in 1973 as D.M.D. from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine He is an Associate Clinical Professor, International Project Coordinator, Special Assistant to the Dean, New York University College of Dentistry. He acts as Chairman, Publications Committee at the Second District Dental Society and Chairman, House Committee. He is also Member, Advisory Committee at the Greater New York Dental Meeting. He serves as Member of the American Dental Association Foundation, Semi-Annual Grants Subcommittee.

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