Major gingivitis research in Europe reveals a grim fact: brushing your teeth is not enough – Finnish innovation treats and prevents periodontitis efficiently

The newly published breakthrough study shows that eliminating the bacteria contained in dental plaque should be as vital a part ...
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5 Reasons to switch to Halo™ sectional matrix

Ultradent is excited to announce new Halo sectional matrix system! The easy-to-use Halo system includes nitinol rings, stainless steel matrix ...
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Cleaning and Caring for Dental Implants

If you’re about to get dental implants, thinking about implant treatment, or caring for someone who just had dental implants ...
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Opalescence tooth whitening

Best Teeth Whitening Product Kit

How does teeth whitening work? Whether you want to brighten your smile for a big life event, nail that job ...
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Neoss Ltd Inaugurates New Dubai Branch

Neoss Limited Dubai Branch, established in 2015 has expanded its reach in the region. The opening of their Dubai Training ...
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Restorative Esthetics at the Gingiva

George Freedman DDS, DiplABAD, FIADFE, FAACD, FASDA ( Professor, Western University of Dental Medicine, Pomona CA Paiman Lalla DDS, FIOCI, FIADFE, FAAIP, ...
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Adhesion: Past, Present, and Future

George Freedman DDS, DiplABAD, FIADFE, FAACD, FASDA ( )Adjunct Professor, Western University of Dental Medicine, Pomona CA Dental News ...
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Composan LCM Promedica

Composan LCM & Composan LCM flow

Light-curing micro-hybrid composites Composan LCM is a universal light-curing micro-hybrid composite suitable for fillings in the anterior & posterior area ...
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Rehabilitation by single complete removable denture

Rehabilitation by single complete removable denture: a follow-up in a Tunisian clinical study Alaeddine Mahfoudhi ( - Resident in prosthodontics ...
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AMBRIA by VITA : The first ever press ceramic

The first ever press ceramic with VITA shade match formula! AMBRIA is a Zirconia-reinforced lithium disilicate press ceramic system for ...
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