Rehabilitation by single complete removable denture

Rehabilitation by single complete removable denture: a follow-up in a Tunisian clinical study Alaeddine Mahfoudhi ( - Resident in prosthodontics ...
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AMBRIA by VITA : The first ever press ceramic

The first ever press ceramic with VITA shade match formula! AMBRIA is a Zirconia-reinforced lithium disilicate press ceramic system for ...
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Implantology meets Implantmed

Dental implantology is evolving at a rapid pace. Treatments are increasingly becoming safer and gentler and the implantology workflow more ...
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Maximize clarity, ergonomics and control with LumiPro Headlight System

The LumiPro® provides an unmatched output of uniform and natural bright light, and features an enhanced spot size to illuminate ...
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tooth bleaching whitening

Tooth bleaching at home: for safe and stable result

At home vital teeth bleaching: how to optimize a safe and stable result Dental News Magazine - January 2021 Issue ...
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implantology dentaurum

25 years of know-how in implantology

Dentaurum Implants has reason to celebrate 25 years of know-how in implantology 2020 is a very special year for Dentaurum ...
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Jaw dental face fix method misaligned teeth

How Fixing Your Teeth Could Be the Key To a Youthful Face

Dr. Sam Muslin Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could take years off of your appearance with a quicker and ...
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Advantages of using GBT in patients with Clear Aligners

Oral hygiene is the practice of keeping the mouth and teeth clean to prevent dental problems. Poor oral hygiene can ...
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G-CEM Veneer from GC: The perfect flow

G-CEM Veneer: a light-cure resin cement for high aesthetic demand with easy placement featuring an innovative technology. Aesthetic dentistry is ...
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Markus Sebastian oral health align tech

Oral Health Campaign Survey: QA with Markus Sebastian

Oral Health Campaign Survey findings Markus Sebastian, SVP & MD EMEA Region, Align Technology Q&A Tell us about the Align ...
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