Neo Spectra™ ST

Our decades of innovation in composite materials taught us what matters most to dentists. Neo Spectra™ ST is the successor ...
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Professor Jon Suzuki Appointed to the FDA Immunology Devices Panel

Dental News would like to congratulate Prof. Jon Suzuki for his appointment to the Food and Drug Administration Immunology Devices ...
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RinshoTrial mobile app: evidence-base dissemination tool

The clinical evidence-base of dental products and the “RinshoTrial” app as dissemination tool By Prof Steffen Mickenautsch, BDS, PhD ABSTRACT ...
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RACE EVO: SAFE. EFFICIENT. SOFT CONTROL. A Legacy Improved Through Evolution RACE® EVO is the ultimate evolution of our popular and proven ...
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CanalPro Jeni Endo Motor by Coltene file treatment

Endo Motor CanalPro Jeni navigates through treatment

Digital endo assistance fully automated CanalPro Jeni Endo Motor navigates through treatment Autonomous driving, operations using a robot arm, computer-aided ...
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implantology dentaurum

25 years of know-how in implantology

Dentaurum Implants has reason to celebrate 25 years of know-how in implantology 2020 is a very special year for Dentaurum ...
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It’s in your hands! – DÜRR Dental Hygiene Products

“It's in your hands“ Professional hand hygiene is more important than ever! Responsibility for hygiene is literally “in our hands”, ...
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tebodont oral treatment cavity wild pharma dental

Switzerland’s No. 1 oral care brand in Pharmacies

TEBODONT- The pharmacies No. 1 oral care brand in Switzerland for the treatment and prevention of irritations in the oral ...
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Denmat infection control hydrogen peroxide oral rinse

New Denmat Hydrogen Peroxide Oral Rinse Now Available

Made in California, USA. DenMat’s Hydrogen Peroxide Oral Rinse is formulated with 1.5% hydrogen peroxide and xylitol® to significantly reduce ...
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ziad al asali EMS GBT prevention Aerosols

Dental Prevention Assistants are Pros – not Amateurs

Interview with Ziad Al Asali, General Manager of EMS Middle East, Africa and India Prevention and the GBT protocol in ...
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