everX Flow from GC: fibre strength in a flowable consistency

everX flow GC restoration

everX Flow from GC: the strength of fibres in a flowable consistency.

everX Flow is the new fibre-reinforced flowable composite of GC. It is especially designed to replace dentine and reinforce restorations. 

Most composites offer the perfect features for enamel replacement, such as high wear resistance and aesthetics. However, they are not able to equal dentine when it comes to resistance to fracture. This issue is overcome by the new everX Flow, which possess superior flexural strength and fracture toughness and efficiently reinforce restorations thanks to a high fibre content. It should be fully covered with a light-cured composite, such as G-ænial or Essentia to achieve a smooth and wear-resistant surface.

everX Flow will easily adapt to every preparation thanks to its optimal thixotropy, with less porosities as a result. Its controlled flow also enables placement in upper molars without slumping.

everX-Flow GC

everX Flow is available in two shades. The ‘Bulk’ shade has a depth of cure no less than 5.5 mm and is well suited for the fast restoration of deep posterior cavities. The ‘Dentin’ shade has a conventional depth of cure of 2 mm and offers an aesthetic solution with the same reinforcing properties.

With its incredible strength, two shades and easy application, everX Flow is about to become your new go-to product for challenging cases. It is also the perfect answer to an increasing demand for low-cost restorative alternatives for large and extended cavities in the post-amalgam era.

For more information about this product visit www.gceurope.com

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